'Circus' - 24" x 24" - oil on canvas board. Available -
contact for price.

'Chelsea Cats' - 24" x 34" - oil on canvas. SOLD

'Quartet' (Royal Academy of Art) - 28" x 36" - oil on canvas. Available - contact for price.

'Shh' (Royal Academy of Art) - 20" x 26" - oil on canvas. Available - contact for price.

'Performance' - 14" x 18.5" - acrylic on paper - Available - contact for price.

'Head study from 'Drag n' Squeeze'

'Dead Trumpet Player'  14" x 16" - (Royal Academy of Art) - oil on canvas - Available - contact for price.

Pencil study sketch for 'Drag n' Squeeze'

Sphinx cat study from 'Drag n' Squeeze - 

'Drag n' Squeeze' - 30" x 44" - oil on board - Available. contact for price.

'Back Room' - 24" x 30" - oil on canvas - SOLD

'Late Bloomer' - CD artwork - pencil on paper - digitally coloured. Available from music page.

'Sousaphone 1' - 36" x 36" - oil on board - Available - contact for price..

'Sousaphone 2' - 36" x 36" - oil on board - Available - contact for price.

Heading 1

'Sousaphone 3' - 36" x 36" - oil on board - Available - contact for price.

Close-up detail of 'Sousaphone' three part set.

'Exorcism' - 48" x 30" - Oil on Board - Available - contact for price.

During the 1980's as Foskett's music career in record production began to flourish he also started painting and got accepted into London's Royal Academy of Art - (Summer Exhibition 1990) - after being hung in London's Mall Galleries and being accepted by the RAA he stopped painting. Thirty one years later he has returned to painting in oil and mixed media.



The evolution and close-up detail of 'Exorcism'.

An endless source of fascination is how a simple brush stroke, or in the case of this work, both finger smudge and brush stroke can often magically create almost detailed figures - Their individual body language and even facial expressions appear in seconds, whereas other aspects of the work often have to be lovingly slaved over to create much finer detail. Either way it's all about creating the magic that makes the painting 'speak'.
When painting the great hall of light to offset the darkness that is the foreground of 'Exorcism', I needed to create a pinnacle to illustrate the godhead of the temple room - in seconds it was completed and afterwards (once digitised) as I zoomed into the golden (burning?) tree, I was amazed to discover a young figure hanging there - It's interesting, just like composing a song - things just come down to you (or maybe through you?)