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Hello folks, here is the link to the official release of 'HERE WE STAND' :

For the attention of 'Our Friends in The North' - visiting my beloved home turf, Tyneside and surrounding areas to do a series of late Summer 2023 gigs with FOSKETT band - starting at The BAA Fest in Hexham (Market Square) Saturday 9th September and then others TBC.

My band are Stewart Milner (bass BV's) - Julian Pentz (fiddles BV's) - Lauren Field (Vox, BV's and Keys) - Guests : Rod Sinclair (guitars) - Jacky Ruddick (drums/perc)  - Finn Mc Cardle (percussion) - Ricia Hopkinson (additional vox) - and possibly one or two other old mukkas stepping up to join in on singalong choruses!

If you are in the area - come and share the love!

My buddy Ralph McTell, myself and my wonderful Foskett band created some magic on Sunday evening at the Bear Club in Luton.

Ralph and I have recently recorded a duet entitled 'HERE WE STAND' for my duets album, which features many well known household names from both the UK and America, all wonderfully produced in a folk and roots song framework.

The album 'Foskett and Famous Friends' (working title) will be the first of what is looking like a multiple albums project -

A music television documentary series is also planned to promote both the album/s and benefit concerts to help in supporting new life saving cancer treatments, both regular and alternative. More about this and the well known artists lining up to help make a noise and add their fabulous talents to the project.


FOSKETT hits the road in 2022 with his trio - performing 'Tales and Songs from Tyneside and Beyond'

 also featuring multi awarded guest singer-songwriter Mrs Foskett (aka Lauren Field ) and occasionally featuring The Milton Keynes Brass Band -

Charley Foskett invites you to a concert of songs and storytelling, featuring tales from his gritty Geordie roots - A lifetime spent in the music industry and his remarkable recovery from cancer. Having worked with (among others) two Beatles, a Rolling Stone and a Led Zeppelin, Foskett has a wealth of interesting, heartfelt and comedic stories to share.


Needless to say, so far we have had sold out venues and audiences singing along at the top of their hearts and voices! 

 The Foskett trio are left to right -  Stewart Milner ( bass) - Charley Foskett (stories, songs, guitars and growling) - Julian Pentz (violin, viola and electric fiddle ). 


Lock down song by Foskett - 'Hark Who Goes There'
This is so special. I took a screenshot of your introduction, to read again! so spot on, you covered a lot of ground very eloquently. The music is exquisite. Original. Stunning. I was totally transported. - Mike Griffith-Ward (2020)

'Foskett played on the BBC Radio 2 - Folk Show with his beautifully laid back arrangement and production of Julie Felix's song 'Abalone Shell' - (featuring Peter Knight on fiddle - Charley Foskett on guitar, mandolin and bass). 'Beautiful song - Beautifully played' from the legendary Julie Felix' - Mark Radcliffe' (April 2020)

'I do like Foskett's music and his interpretations' - 'Really interesting arrangements and great production'
Sting. (2017)

'LATE BLOOMER' is a powerful, inspirational message of hope and the indomitable human spirit runs through this whole album - 'Definitely worthy of a Grammy Award' *****

Rock and Roots Magazine.


'LATE BLOOMER' is quite simply, not to be missed - This is the album that you didn't know you'd been waiting for'  *****

The Beat Magazine.

'Really Exciting' - It's the first pre-release orders of Late Bloomer - and the packaging is looking incredible.

Foskett's debut album has been almost four years in the making and is complete - It's called 'LATE BLOOMER' and in a 55 year music career it's the best recorded work that Foskett has ever achieved!


It features some wonderful well known guests from the folk and roots genre - Julie Felix, John Cameron (one of the UK's top composers and orchestral conductor/arrangers - Les Miserables),  Folk guitar legend Wizz Jones, Peter Knight (Steeleye Span and Gigspanner), Aidan Burke (Ireland's number 1 Celtic fiddle player), Scarlet Rivera (Violinist for Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell), Paul Jones (Manfreds), Toby Shaer (flutes, whistles, cittern, harmonium), Stewart Milner (bassist), Clive Bunker (drummer - ex Jethro Tull), Davide Giovaninni (drums, keys, vox, ex Lisa Stansfield band) and many others all of whom he is very grateful to have recording and performing alongside him 'Just because they wanted to!


Foskett has recorded a special duet song with the sadly missed Julie Felix entitled 'Wild Wild Things' - this has turned out to be a little gem - he wrote it especially - lyrically from the point of view of two old people who have lived one hell of a great life - they take stock and gaze on at the young of today, expending endless energy on sometimes worthless pursuits (we've all done it!). The track also features the wonderful violin playing of the one and only Scarlet Rivera


Foskett's Folk Factory is proud to feature these great images from my sadly missed buddy Julie's Felix at her 80th Birthday Celebration concert back in 2018. On stage at the Charing Cross Theatre - featuring the unstoppable Julie (centre stage) - John Paul Jones on mandolin - the fabulous Madeline Bell (vocals) - John Cameron (composer/arranger Les Miserables and much more - on piano) - oh and of course Charley Foskett himself on bass - Will Cartwright on drums and a lovely bunch of backing singers. The evening was a slice of real Americana Folk magic!



Ok - back a few years after the long silence and wait, a couple of years back The Foskett Family hit the North East of England (Newcastle upon Tyne to be precise) to film live a bunch of songs for 'Cookin in The Kitchen' on Made TV. 

Cookin in the Kitchen director and presenter, Steve Cunningham had heard a couple of Foskett's latest efforts of freshly made folk songs on regional radio and asked him to appear on his programme - Well being someone that, at the drop of a hat, would actually turn up at the opening of an envelope, he jumped at the chance - dragging his wife, the singer and songwriter Lauren Field and daughter, the singer and songwriter India Foskett into the car and hit the M1 north - On route he called some old muso friends for help in making my noise!

Marty Craggs from Lindisfarne was recruited to sing back ups and play an 'egg' (he can do other things but on this gig the 'egg' was sufficient - actually egg and chips would have been better!) -  Foskett also asked his old 'Tenth Avenue All Stars' trombonist, Terry Dalton from way back in Tyneside music history to show up and shake his bone!

Lap steel player and all round ancient great northern twanger, Jim Hornsby showed up to add the odd slither of magical dobro whilst young Michael Biggins played accordion and Steve Cunningham himself played upright bass. The result was ? ? ? Well make your own minds up.

We think Foskett has grown from strength to strength since this little occasion but there you go. The Team.

'Cookin in the Kitchen' - Part 1 - Foskett Family and Friends'

'Cookin in the Kitchen' - Part 2 -  ' New Stories'


It's Here at Last! - We are mega proud to offically launch 'Foskett's Folk Factory' with the new radio single and video from the iconic veteran singer and songwriter Julie Felix
'Foskett's Folk Factory' have arranged and produced this fabulous song 'From a Lullaby Kiss' - written by Peter Knight (ex Steeleye Span) of Gigspanner fame - the track and video also feature Peter on violin, which can be heard on our Music page and viewed on our Video page.


(right) - Julie and Leonard not too long ago - RIP Leonard and Julie.


Yup! it's all happening at 'Foskett's Folk Factory' - always very serious stuff!

L - R  Julie Felix - producer Charley Foskett - the massively talented Peter Knight.


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