When I was a young boy of 4 years of age I remember my grandfather's one stringed fiddle hanging on the wall at one side of the old cast iron Victorian fire place - at the other side hung his bagpipes. With a deep baritone voice he used to bellow out Scottish and Geordie folk songs, he scared the living daylights out of any cat wandering down our backyard walls.


I have been away a long time from these musical borders - in the middle of the 1960's I originally drifted into the Northumbrian folk scene - I learned the basics on a guitar, took up bass, eventually travelled the world as a rock musician, played on lots of records, and became a music producer with an office in EMI records.


With this endless music life obsession, this coming back to folk music, coming back to the fold, it definitely feels like a homecoming for me. CF


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