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When I was a young boy of 4 years of age I remember my grandfather's one stringed fiddle hanging on the wall at one side of the old cast iron Victorian fire place - at the other side hung his bagpipes. With a deep baritone voice he used to bellow out Scottish and Geordie folk songs, he scared the living daylights out of any cat wandering down our backyard walls.


I have been away a long time from these musical borders - in the middle of the 1960's I originally drifted into the Northumbrian folk scene - I learned the basics on a guitar, took up bass, eventually travelled the world as a rock musician, played on lots of records, and became a music producer with an office in EMI records.


With this endless music life obsession, this coming back to folk and roots song music, coming back to the fold, it definitely feels like a homecoming for me.


So to open up my little website gig, not quite folk music but here is a little bit of daftness in the shape of an old saddo who only wants to watch Roy Rogers on the box when his wife and kids have gone to bed!


Foskett x


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